General Waste

  • Suitable for General household waste. 
  • Additional charges for ASBESTOS waste, which MUST be wrapped for disposal

Green Waste

  • Suitable for grass, trimmings and general green organic waste

Cleanfill Waste

  • Suitable for soil, clay, rocks, bricks and concrete. 
Bin Hire Ltd is committed to resource recovery and environmental sustainability in New Zealand. We separate and recover recyclable materials including wood, concrete, steel, plastic, cardboard and paper.


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Our Bin Sizes and Approximate Dimensions

  • 2 Cubic Metre Mini Bin (Approx. 1.8 long, 0.900 high, 1.2 wide)
  • 3.5 Cubic Metre High Side Mini Bin (Approx. 1.8 long, 1.5 high, 1.2 wide)
  • 5 Cubic Metre Jumbo Mini Bin (Approx. 2.4 long, 1.4 high, 1.4 wide)
  • 4 Cubic Metre Low Side Jumbo Bin (Approx. 3.4 long, 0.600 high, 1.5 wide)
  • 7.5 Cubic Metre High Side Jumbo Bin (Approx. 3.4 long, 1.5 high, 1.5 wide)
  • 9 Cubic Metre High Side Jumbo Bin (Approx. 3.4 long, 1.8 high, 1.5 wide)
  • 30 Cubic Metre Dinosaur Bin (Approx. size of a shipping container)


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